The Unhidden Life

“The Unhidden Life” Genesis 3:9-10 Original Mixed Media, 13" x 32" $800
“The Unhidden Life”
Genesis 3:9-10
Original Mixed Media, 13″ x 32″

In ‘With Open Hands’, Henri Nouwen writes:

“When God asked Adam, ‘Where are you?’ Adam answered, ‘I was hiding’ (Gen. 3:9-10). He confessed his true condition. This confession opened him to God. When we pray, we come out of our shelters not only to see our own nakedness but also to see that there is no enemy to hide from, only a friend who likes nothing better than to clothe us with a new coat. Certainly praying takes some admissions. It requires the humble recognition of our condition as broken human beings. However prayer does not lead us to shame, guilt, or despair, but rather to the joyful discovery that we are only human and that God is truly God.”


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