Birth of Jesus

“Birth of Jesus” Matthew 1:1-25 Limited Edition, 22.5" x 18" $40
“Birth of Jesus”
Matthew 1:1-25
Limited Edition, 22.5″ x 18″

Is a manger a place for one sent from the Most High God? Is a stable a place in which to find a Savior? Yet the mystery of the Incarnation is precisely in the fact that those things were so.

There is a message that not only is there a God, but that God comes very near, where the gospel of redemption is set forth. In a stable in a disregarded town it was with simplicity and lowliness that the life of Jesus began. It was with simple people in simple places that most of His work was done and is still being done.

Most nativity scenes naturally focus on the baby Jesus, but I wanted to show Joseph looking at both Mary and Jesus. I also painted Mary lying down since she has just given birth after a long exhausting journey to Bethlehem.

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