The paintings I have created are my thoughts on the rich and complex message of God handed down throughout history from less than perfect people. My subject matter is referenced from Old and New Testament scriptures. I present the viewer with snapshots of both individuals and overall events.

   I have chosen to work with cut paper and paint because of how they interact with each other. After my design is drawn out, I complete value studies, transfer the image, and then I begin to construct. I have found that a particular texture or pattern from a magazine often works much better than my original intent; thus to a very small degree, there is an element of chance involved in creating each picture. Also by using line inside the figure, I am compartmentalizing these textures and colors for somewhat of a stained glass effect.

   With these materials I am showing the layers of God’s grace through individuals who dared to trust Him and expose His spendthrift goodness, layer by layer. Their steps were deliberate and full of purpose, yet at the same time full of fear, grief, anger, doubt and immaturity. They were in a sense asked to ‘live their questions,’ as Rainer Maria Rilke once wrote. I have woven into a few of the people’s faces these very questions. Moses had lots of doubts about leading the Israelites out of Egyptian captivity. Job had gut wrenching questions when he lost everything and almost everyone who was dear to him. Perhaps Hosea is still having discussions about being told to marry a prostitute. All in all, these people held on tight to God’s goodness, even when the world around them was screaming to do otherwise.

   This scripture swims in my head each time I begin to paint: “Therefore we do not lose heart, though outwardly we are decaying away, inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” (II Corinthians 4:16) Paul’s context is the early church, and as he looks out at the motley crew of misfits, he knows it can only be Christ who will keep His upside-down kingdom together. He spurs us on toward a hope that is neither dictated by circumstances nor paralyzed by the vast unknown.

   With most of my paintings, I am conveying some degree of hope. I convey it not necessarily in a bright way, but rather in a way which shows the quiet fingerprint of God saying, “I was here all along.”