“Collaborative creators exude harmony in show,”
The Columbus Dispatch, September 13, 2015, by Melissa Starker.
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Cody’s painting, “Mother of Moses” is on the cover of “A Postcolonial Woman’s Encounter with Moses and Miriam,” by Angeline Song.



Everyone is welcome in the fictional town of Charlottesville, the creation of Charlotte McGraw, with guidance from resident artist Cody Miller at Goodwill Columbus. “Broad & High,” WOSU TV, May 11, 2014.



 “The Best of the Fest: Three up-and-coming local talents on influences, inspiration and lessons learned,” 614 Magazine, June 1, 2013.




 “Chairs that Care,” Artists from Goodwill Columbus are making animal chairs for the Dowd Education Center, ThisWeek Community Newspapers, video by Lorrie Cecil, 2012.



 Cody is a contributing artist in “New Creative Collage Techniques,” by Nita Leland, 2011.




 “Artist finds hope in creating, teaching,” The Columbus Dispatch (italic) , April 30, 2010, by Kevin Parks. Please click image below to read the article.





Cody volunteers to design and coordinate a community mural for the Vineyard Urban Ministry Food Pantry in 2009. Members of the community including children, teens, older adults, and homeless and disabled individuals painted it together.




 Cody completes a mural on the Vineyard Community Center, 2007.