Becoming as little children


“Becoming as little children”
Matthew 18:2-3
Original Mixed Media, 11” x 14”

Young children:

• intuitively trust their parents

• are helpless

• expect their parents to meet their needs

• are secure in their parents’ love even
    when things are not perfect

For me, this is a lifelong pilgrimage to discover that fundamental type of trust in God’s character. I do have a few props to lean on initially before eventually coming to God, but they always turn out to be cheap consolation prizes for the real thing. Jesus communicates, “I want to make a home in your heart. I want to commune with you as friend to friend. I want to know you and you know Me.” He wants us to trust Him because He loves us in this crazy, indescribable, embarrassing way. For the life of me, that’s the hardest thing to grasp.