I am so thankful that you shared some of your beautiful art with me. You may struggle with it, but it is apparent in your work that you sit with Jesus often, and like Eric Liddle in the movie Chariots of Fire, it’s obvious that you paint “to feel his pleasure.” The vibrant colors and emotion of the subjects seem to sing with his presence. I especially enjoyed receiving the large one of Jeremiah, and my wife, who works as a chaplain at a retirement home, took one of the slides to use in a devotional with her seniors, who are studying the prophets.

Cody, I hope you continue expressing your unique heart through your work, and may Jesus’ love and joy keep shining through it. . . 

- Philip Yancey, author of “What’s so amazing about Grace?” and “Disappointment with God”


I have a story to tell you, of how art speaks to people…or should. My wife and I love art and art galleries. She has taught high and middle school technology for 10 years. She was recently asked to teach state-mandated health classes, for which she is not certified. She also must grade their essay questions on her own time, and half their files won’t open, making grading impossible. Needless to say, she has been overwhelmed. She agreed to ‘try’ this in good faith, but it isn’t working. When she brought her concerns to her principal, the principal tried to throw all the blame on her for the failure of the program. She came home exasperated, bitter and in tears.

Then she perused a gallery, and noticed “The Grave of the Oppressor.” It depicts a rather small man loomed over by a massive skeleton, with other skeletons in the background. She been to see herself as the man in the artwork, while her principal was the oppressive skeleton and those in the background were the unsympathetic administration, waiting to devour the remains. Seeing they artwork gave her hope, as she was able to grasp the situation more objectively. 

Inspired, she came home, did research, and found out she’s not required to teach or grade these classes, as they are outside her certification. If her job is threatened, she can have her union arbitrate, and even sue if she gets fired. She confidently presented the problem and viable solutions with a positive, constructive attitude. The principal was taken by surprise, and then went on the attack. My wife stated that she would continue to teach the classes, but she would no longer do the grading, quoting state code to back her up. They fell silent and dumbfounded. 

The point is, my wife was empowered by art. 

- Chris R.


The story telling that comes with each image wraps your art  in a beautiful gift that propels us into a deeper experience of the Father’s Love. It calls us home. 

I am a professional clinical counselor. . . and have your Prodigal Son hung up in my office. I do an “experiment” with my clients by asking them to put their hand on their heart, look at your artwork and imagine how it would feel to be in the Father’s embrace; being so close that we could hear His Heart beat, feel his hands on our head and back pulling us close. The encounter with the Father is usually very powerful. It’s not unusual for my clients to tell me upon our last session together that they will never forget the Prodigal Son picture in my office and what it meant to them.  It is the image that represents the Father’s Presence in my office. 

How refreshing it is to find such an outstanding artist who loves the Lord as much as you obviously do. You have a powerful integration of head and heart.

My family and I had so much fun at your album making workshop. . . It was so meaningful. The two prints of yours that I have in my office continue to bless people. “Stand” is very meaningful to many of my clients. Some imagine that they are that child being held safe and secure. Others imagine that they are the one standing, holding the child even though trouble is all around them. That print made me cry the first time I saw it. It certainly is inspired by the Holy Spirit. I just want you to know that I really appreciate your contribution to the kingdom.

- Annelyse D.

Some of the things you said (in a zoom presentation) really moved me and resonated with me-- in particular, the story about the ‘box of darkness’ that turned out to be a gift, and the other quote about how we should let go of things, and treat them like loose change God has given us to share with others, rather than clinging to things as if our identity depended on them.

- Michael J.

I've been a fan of your work since I was introduced to it ten years ago in seminary. “A Quiet Morning” was always my favorite piece, but this year my wife and I are having our first child (expected in the next few weeks). So it will be our first Christmas with our baby and this piece just speaks to me so much more now. Thinking about Christmas Day not as a day to keep up appearances or be extravagant, but as the first day of postpartum and all the care, tenderness, fatigue, and simple joy that goes with it. Your painting captures it perfectly.

- Rev. Tom G.


Wow! I continue to be bowled over by your talent and blessed by seeing you use that talent to serve our Father in Heaven. I really enjoy the inclusion of animals into your newer compositions.  Seeing these critters personified somehow seems to make the stories you are telling even more relatable, which is intriguing and endearing.  I've always been impressed by your line quality and the style of your illustration.  I was especially fond of “Kingdom of God” and “The Unhidden Life.”  I love the conversation that opens up about our transparency before God and how that leads us to a greater understanding of our need for him.  Well done, sir!

- Michael M.


Our daughter got choked up talking about the print she bought.  We both agreed that when we walked in to your booth, we felt the presence of God there.  It was an overwhelming sensation of His Spirit blessing your work.  I was very moved at all of your work and wanted to let you know that. Thanks so much for using your talent for the Lord and getting the message out with your beautiful work.

- Jody J.


I have gained so very much from this class: emotionally, spiritually and artistically. I  can't even begin to tell you what all has happened in my heart and soul during this time with you. What a great teacher you are! 

- Debbie J.


This artist is amazing – I especially liked Sarah and all those cutout dolls, as if she were dreaming of her numberless descendants. I love his technique, too.

- Joni Eareckson Tada, author of “A Place of Healing” and “When God Weeps”