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Cody F. Miller

A Few Fish and A Few Loaves

A Few Fish and A Few Loaves

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Limited Edition Reproduction, 10.75" x 20"
John 6:9

Jesus once fed over 5,000 very hungry people with a few loaves of bread and a few fish. The four gospel accounts of this story vary slightly. One says a small boy brought the loaves and fish; another says one of the disciples. I chose to depict the child as a girl. It is most likely that the 5,000 mentioned were only men. The women and children were not included in this census, but in my painting, a girl becomes the heart of the story.

Christ calls us to come as we are and with whatever we have. It’s humbling, for what do we have to give to the almighty God? It’s sometimes scary because we dare not give less than what God asks of us, and it is a step into the unknown with no guarantees. Yet in God’s strange mysterious way, what is brought to Him in faith is enlarged for His greater glory.

So my few loaves and fish include money, patience with others, hope, understanding, talents, time and vision. I have seen God miraculously multiply all these examples, helping me to look at seemingly insignificant events in a much different light.


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