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Cody F. Miller



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Limited Edition Reproduction 11" x 14.5"

Judges 4 & 5

Israel’s lack of unity between tribes reminds me of the red and blue states. We are truly a country divided in many ways. With the many weak links in Israel’s line they were very susceptible to outside enemies. Many enemies were primarily interested in plunder but the Canaanites were attempting to restore power in the north.

This is where the fifth judge of Israel, as prophetess and the only female judge, comes into the picture. She sends for Barak (pictured in the foreground) and summons him to rouse a militia of 10,000 men to fight Jabin, King of Canaan.

The clocks that Deborah is wearing symbolize wisdom and time, not just any old time, but the exact time to act. If she had summoned Barak a month too early or a month too late it probably would have brought complete destruction upon the Israelites. Through her wisdom, Israel routed the Canaanites. Chapter 5 of Judges is her song to commemorate the national victory.

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