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Cody F. Miller

Hannah and Samuel

Hannah and Samuel

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Limited Edition Reproduction 7.5" x 14"

I Samuel 1

When you read a biography, someone's essentially filling in the space between the events that have etched who that person is in your mind. A good writer will share the struggles, weaknesses, joys, humor and sacrifices which that individual made in the shadows.

Hannah made her vow before God that if He gave her a child she would dedicate him to the Lord. When she was found to be pregnant her joy was absolutely unfurled. During those years before Hannah gave her son Samuel to Eli, the scriptures offer few details. As the time got closer, what was going through Hannah's mind? This painting shows Hannah taking Samuel for a walk; it's a beautiful day and they could both use some fresh air. Hannah starts to wonder what life will be like without her son. Meanwhile Samuel is looking the opposite direction as if God's call is felt even at this tender age. I heard a mother pray once, "Lord give strength to the parents of children who will change the world." What an apt prayer for Hannah.

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