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Cody F. Miller



Hosea 1:2 - 2:23

Hosea was a prophet in the second half of the eighth century B.C.. He foresaw Israel’s exile to Assyria, and all during the process, he called the Israelites to repent. Hosea’s task became even more difficult when, at God’s direction, he married Gomer who was continually unfaithful to him. In this image, Hosea is seated with the three children born during their marriage, only one child being his. I made the children three different races to emphasize their three different fathers. Gomer left for other lovers only to return after Hosea had to buy her back since she had sold herself as a slave. Not only did Hosea forgive her; he did it in love. All of this served as an object lesson to Israel who had been just as unfaithful to the Lord. Hope for a wonderful future for the Israelites is peeked at in the last chapter of Hosea. There are consequences, but there is restoration.

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