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Cody F. Miller

Jeremiah's One-Man Band

Jeremiah's One-Man Band

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Original Mixed Media, 19.5" x 29"

During the 40 years of Jeremiah’s ministry he had few friends--Ahikam, Gedaliah, Ebed Melech, and his closest friend and secretary Baruch. Other than these men he was utterly alone. The people, nobles and kings all tried to put him to death. This was a low point in Judah’s history. After being captured and sent into exile by Babylon, Jeremiah continued to be God’s one-man band. He played a tune no one wanted to hear, as a good deal of it was wrung with judgment, but he also sang a promise of restoration like no other (chapters 30-33). Jeremiah left no rock unturned. And so it is if we dare to let God make Himself completely at home in our lives. It’s a completely upside-down kingdom.

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