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Cody F. Miller

Psalm 81:10

Psalm 81:10

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Limited Edition Reproduction 7.5" x 14"

This simple verse reminds those who follow the Lord to trust Him for all life’s needs, and that He will fill them all, as He did for the Israelites in the desert. The image of the woman in the painting is inspired by a number of sources, one of which is a large screen movie. The performers from Botswana, Africa, sang and danced with such happiness that I am certain it was a glimpse of the “joy beyond the walls of this world.”

A friend of mine from college has inspired me by periodically sending me small collectible hippos with their mouths open on which she writes “Psalm 81:10.” This verse says, “I am the Lord your God...; open wide your mouth and I will fill it.” What better reminder than hippos with their huge wide-open mouths? And indeed, the Lord has filled me with blessing upon blessing.


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