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Cody F. Miller



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Limited Edition Reproduction, 9" x 13.25"

Joshua 2:2-14

“Peter denied Jesus, and Saul persecuted the early Christians, but God could see the apostles they would become.” Kathleen Norris wrote this as a reminder of the motley crew God uses to do His work. Rahab was a prostitute who helped hide two of Joshua’s spies from the Canaanites. The whole outcome of their venture into Jericho hinged upon her actions. Because Rahab believed in the power of the God of Israel, she hid them in stalks of flax on her roof and asked them for protection for her and her family when they would return to destroy the city. She became a convert to the God of Israel and is honored for her faith in Hebrews 11:31 and James 2:25.

Rahab is a perfect example of what thrills God’s heart—faith. She is a leader in God’s ragtag army of imperfect misfits.

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