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Cody F. Miller

Sarah and the Promise

Sarah and the Promise

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Limited Edition Reproduction 11" x 14.5"

Genesis 17:16

When my wife knew she was pregnant with each one of our boys, she looked at the future differently. Will they be healthy? What will they look like? What kind of character will each possess? She would daydream of the holding, feeding, changing, laughing and crying of this little person. As the child grew inside, so did my wife’s anticipation and joy.

Abraham and Sarah were late in years, wondering when the children would come. Sarah was in her 60’s and had experienced years of social disgrace attached to being barren. Abraham inquires of God in Genesis 15 and God responds by saying, “Look up at the heavens and count the stars, if you can count them, so shall be your offspring.” Abraham took him at His word. And this made God smile.

This painting depicts Sarah’s days after her husband relays God’s promise to her even though she was not yet with child. The cutouts she holds are the children’s names she has already picked out, and she has a blanket on her arm to wrap the child in. At this point in time, she will be elsewhere in her mind and heart, and perhaps Abraham has never been happier.

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