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Cody F. Miller

St. Francis

St. Francis

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Isaiah 11:6-9
Limited Edition Reproduction, 7.5" x 10.5"

St. Francis (1182 to 1226 A.D.) came from a wealthy merchant family before he devoted his life to “storing up treasures in heaven and not here on earth.” There have been so many stories written about St. Francis that it is oft times hard to tell the truth from fiction. Regardless of what is 100% true or not, weaved in and out of these stories is a man who passionately loved God and who displayed the Lord’s grace in many surprising, amazing, quiet, and bizarre ways, often to the lowest of the low in society. St. Francis was often said to be able to communicate with animals, rebuking the wolf for eating and scaring the sheep and encouraging other creatures that were downtrodden. I’ve always thought that the life of St. Francis gave one an inside look of the future coming of the Messianic Kingdom where “the wolf will live with lamb and children will play with once vicious animals.” (Isaiah 11:6-9 paraphrased)

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